About Us

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"I was once told that I just wanted to fix the world, and maybe that is true a bit, but now I just want to decorate it and make it a more beautiful place."

I am Bea, and I am the heartbeat of the organization. I have suffered from mental health problems since the age of 15. After suffering my latest episode, and Covid-19 hitting us all, I decided I wanted to help others in some way and through my journey of treatment, I learned just how I was going to do it.

It was during the time my eldest child started to suffer from anxiety and depression that we started to craft. We were on holiday and she started to make beaded bracelets for people around the pool, and before long she actually had orders coming in. Trying to find craft suppliers in a foreign country was a challenge! And that was how it all started. When we came home I started making and selling jewellery, and that led to making cards. One day a friend asked me to prepare a party for her significant birthday and of course, a cake was necessary! Easy! I could make a cake! And a cake was produced. And so was my love for baking. I was certainly at my happiest whilst I was doing any of the crafts I had learnt, and really loved it when any of my children joined in. We could lose hours of a day immersed in paper, beads or flour! It was, I realise now, my crutch for those difficult periods I felt so alone, and if they could help me, they helped my children and so much fun, and more so with company, then why could they not help others? THe cogs started working and the blueprint for Tea+ Craft was made.

Go Team

Our team is made up of people from all over the place. They are like-minded people, who just want to make a difference. From hosting our drop-in sessions to writing articles for us, or doing some crucial research, each and every member of our team helps us to help you.

"If I can help just one person by sharing my experiences then I am happy to help. Mental illness needs to be understood and it's all of our responsibilities to make sure that happens."

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