Halfway Through. Project Ten.

Day five has come around very fast. How have those of you doing Project Ten with me doing? Is it something you have found easy to do?

Ten days of paying yourself a little you attention doesn't come easy to us all, and on day one I actually thought I might find it an easy thing to do. I could certainly think of things to do to be kind to myself, but for me the doing was so challenging. Did I really deserve the kindness I was putting on offer? Let me reword that so I can give you an answer that I truly believe. You have given yourself a little kindness each day. Did you deserve it? Absolutely yes! Without a shadow of a doubt. So why was it so hard to take the kindness I offered myself? I would love to hear your thoughts on that.

However, I have done the first five days of the challenge, and actually it doesn't have to be as hard as I have previously made it for myself. A little kindness towards yourself can be as simple as letting yourself enjoy the sunshine on your face for an extended moment instead of rushing off to do your next chore. Day five for me saw me sitting in the car for a while. The sun was bright and the wind threw the leaves on the trees about wildly. I opened the car windows and let the wind rush through. Although the wind was chilly, I was wrapped up and it blew some cobwebs away. It made me smile, and it only took two or three minutes out of my day. Surely we can allow ourselves those stolen moments? I believe it is essential.

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