Project Ten

As you may have seen from our home page, we are trying out the ten day challenge. We are calling it Project Ten. For me, in particular, this is really very hard. I am terrible at being kind to myself. So today I thought I would chat to you about it, and start tomorrow. I know. The sooner I start... At the moment, that is one challenge too far.

I find it really interesting what people consider being kind to themselves entails. I am guessing that it all depends on how things manifest for you. I was told of a professional lady, working in London every day, couldn't bear to clean her teeth. She started her process doing it once a week. One of the many I have is brushing my hair. It gets piled up in a messy bun on top of my head and left. It normally results in a massive knot that takes me hours to get out. Actually whilst I am writing, I realise how many things I don't do to be kind to myself. The next 10 days of project ten could be easier than I thought!

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