Things Have Been Quiet At HQ

Things for Tea+Craft have been quiet for a while. Personally, things have been going at 100mph but at the same time ground to a halt. A strange mix of not knowing when you are going to catch your breath and looking around and thinking, jeez, what have I been doing? My dogs would tell you, if they could speak, that I had possibly moved out of home, even though they are still fed every day and cuddled on demand. I have spent a lot of time going places and a lot of time sitting and waiting. Waiting and watching. Watching people of every walk of life coming together in one place, with one commonality. Sitting and waiting gives you time to think, and oh boy, I have re-evaluated every important area of my life over the last two months. Some days the mix of sadness for the people I have been watching and having the time to think about what each and every one of the people I saw that day was just too much, and the tears flowed, words tended to fail me in those moments. But you know what I did learn from sitting and watching is that it doesn’t matter what you are going through, if you are surrounded by love it drives you to fight through those difficult times.

They say that love is an over used word, but I have to disagree. How can something that keeps you fighting for what you want, need, protect, be overused? It doesn’t matter what it is. A chocolate craving! We all know what that feels like, it will not go until that craving is satisfied, because you just love chocolate SO much you have to have it. A book or film that you have heard about. Is it not the love for the arts and literature that sells cinemas, keeps book suppliers in business? Or the love of your child, sibling, parent, or friend that is going through a hardship and needs some extra strength. Is it not your love for them that helps you step out of your box and help? Yes there are certainly different types of love, but overused? Maybe if those people who think that took a little time to think it through, they might change their minds. Maybe, maybe not, after all, it takes a world of colourful people to make it tick.

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