What A Beautiful Day!

What a beautiful day! The sun is shining and there are blue skies as far as I can see.

A couple of weeks ago I started to build a dovecote. I have always wanted to have one in my garden, but never quite justified the expense. That's not to say I don't feed my bird friends I have two feeders in my garden. A very small pleasure I seem to allow myself. I talk to all my bird visitors when they stay around long enough to listen to me. My favourite is my Robins. Mr & Mrs I think. I read somewhere many years ago that if a Robin visits you it is someone who has passed over watching over you. I know it's all nonsense, but it is a kind of nice thought, one I chose to comply with. I am fortunate in my life not to have many people I have cared for pass, but for some reason, Mr Robin is my aunt. I wasn't particularly close to her, but in the later years of her life, she gave me some words of wisdom that have always stayed with me. She left behind her a daughter. 15 years old and all on her own. At the funeral, I looked at her and my heart just broke and my love for her exploded. And I still love her the same today nearly 20 years later. So Mr Robin is her mum. I tell him/her that I watch over her and that she would be proud of the lady she has grown into. It is a conversation I treasure. I am sure the neighbours must think I am a fruit cake chatting away as I do. I have digressed! So in this latest challenging time, I decided to build a dovecote, with no clear plans and a handful of lollipop sticks! A handful has turned into four shopping trips to buy more. Not exactly what I had planned, but I am loving it. It takes me away from my thoughts and I wonder who will be my first visitors to Chez Birds. I have been taking pictures as I go along and I am really pleased with all the components so far. I am working on the roof at the moment... It may end up less of a dovecote and more of a bird bungalow! But who cares. Each time I will look at it, it will make me chuckle, and I can say with pride, it marks a difficult journey I made it through. And it is exactly that which gave me the idea of Tea + Craft. Creating something, albeit maybe not as you had foreseen, but something that you can remember that journey and say with pride. I made it through. The tea part? Making friends, sharing journeys, but essentially finding a safe place where you can be you and not feel judged.

Tea + Craft was born.

Tea & Craft..png